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Fearful of Fireworks?

With the year flying by, firework season is soon to be upon us.

What does this mean?
Some pets have a fear of fireworks and can become really distressed and worked up by them. The last thing we owners like to see is out pet shaking, vocalising and distressed by the sounds and flashing that fireworks create. Though bonfire night may be a few weeks away yet, now is the time to start desensitizing your pets to prepare and help them through firework season.

Here are a few top tips to help you prepare your fury friend for the season ahead!


  • Ensure microchip details are up to date
    Pets may become frightened when they suddenly hear a loud bang,  or see bright lights flashing outside. Some dogs may become loose and run from owners, or may even be so scared that they may flee from their own home accidentally. Whilst cats are out patrolling during the night, they may too become startled, frightened and run. This could also cause them to go missing and find shelter somewhere they haven’t been before and become lost. Ensuring your details are up do date gives us the best chance to reunite you with your friend should they go missing.


  • Plan ahead and find out where and when neighbors are holding displays
    Finding out whether there are any local displays near you, or even if your neighbors are planning on holding one would be beneficial to yourselves and your pet. Plan ahead, and if they cannot be left when there are fireworks going off, plan something to do at home when there events are going on to keep and eye on your pet. You will be more prepared for the displays which in turn will have a positive effect on your pet.


  • Keep your pets indoors
    Once you have done your planning and found out which dates displays will be taking place near you, in part of preparation, remember to keep your pets inside. This will hopefully reduce the risk of pets straying and becoming lost, especially cats. If you know times of when displays will start, take your dog for a walk before and allow them to toilet before hand so they hopefully do not have the urge to go whilst a display is going on. As for your feline friends, providing them with a litter tray inside in a quiet area to allow them to toilet in. Remember, one litter tray per cat and one extra for each cat. Whilst inside, it is important to continue with your normal routine. Allow two noise sources to be on at the same time to reduce the chance of any gaps in noise during which you pet could hear a bang. A radio on somewhere in the house and the TV will be sufficient enough.


  • Create a ‘Den’ or safe area for your pet to relax in
    Creating a den or safe area now for your pet to relax in will be really beneficial. If you have a crate, a cat box or an area in the house you can turn into a den, you can make a really effective calm area for your pet to go too. An area with a bed, blankets, some toys for mental stimulation and also a pheromone diffuser or sprays can help the area seem more welcoming. Ideally, these dens or areas need to be at a quiet area of the house so that if you pet feels overwhelmed at all, they can go resort to here. Encouraging them to go to these areas with treats, and providing them with this area in advance before any displays, can really help calm the situation as they will feel they have a secure and safe place to resort too.


  • DO NOT fuss your anxious pet
    We know as pet owners how difficult it can be to ignore a distressed dog, but fussing them may encourage this behaviour more. As long as you have provided them with a safe area and a lot of mental stimulation, as well as noise desensitization, you should be able to leave them to their night. Fussing them when they become worried or stressy can encourage the behavior more as your pet will learn that this type of behaviour will gain them attention. Toys to chew, puzzles to keep them occupied, toys to play with – with catnip in! – can be really beneficial to them too as you’re helping keep their mind occupied elsewhere. Remember, do not get angry with them. Your pets do not understand what is happening, and getting angry at them for their feel call also add to their anxiety and stress associated with the displays.


  • Desensitize to noise
    A few studies have been published that show puppies born around Bonfire Night tend not to be noise phobic or have a phobia of fireworks. 
    This is because, puppies brains are like a very absorbable sponge. Because of their age, they will be playing with mates, or with humans or other pets, all whilst these bangs and bright lights are going on. They build up a desensitization to the fireworks. A great way to help your pet is to have a look on YouTube and look at the pet desensitization firework videos. Play these in the background quietly initially whilst doing something with your pet they they really enjoy, so that they can hear the sound going on but are pre-occupied with what ever great toy, treat or taskyou have set for them to do. Eventually increasing the sound, but to a pleasant volume, and continue to reward the good behaviour. The dogs trust provide a free download that can be used to help desensitize your pets, called Sounds Scary, please follow their guidance on its use under the help and advise area.

Do NOT forget your small furries too! Bringing them inside in a quiet area of the house for the displays too can help with any phobias that they may too have with Firework season.


Oral calmers, sprays and diffusers are available to purchase from us upon request – please bare in mind, any supplements must be started a few days in advance to be effective. For severe noise anxious pets, calming medications are also available to purchase but must be discussed with a Veterinary Surgeon in a consultation first. 

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