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Pet Anxiety Awareness Month

There are many reasons that our pets may feel worried, and of course when our pets are worried about something, it causes us concern to. March is national pet anxiety month, with this in mind we wanted to raise awareness of the problems anxiety can cause and the various methods we can use to help our pets to relax. Pets often feel worried by separation from their owners, scary noises, changes at home, meeting new people or animals – the list is pretty much endless as some fears can be completely random and caused by a one off event.

Anxiety is expressed by our pets in a number of ways, you may notice a small change in their behaviour such as not wanting to visit certain areas of the house, grooming more or a change in the way they play. Some symptoms you are unable to miss such as destruction of toys and bedding, toileting in the house, vocalisation or hiding.

If you notice any change in your pets behaviour its a good idea to book a consultation with your vet to rule out any un-diagnosed health problems that may have caused the change, and if anxiety is the culprit you can chat about the options and receive guidance on what to do next. Your vet may recommend a certain product, put you in touch with one of our knowledgeable nurses or help you contact an animal behaviorist.

In the mean time you can expand your knowledge on pet anxiety by visiting this web site, and of course come and see us if you have any concerns, we can help your pet get back to feeling content.

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